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Charlie Abrahams Brand Protection Review 2024

The Future of Brand Protection is Here

2024 Review of the Online Brand Protection Market


Charlie Abrahams, a respected brand protection expert, released his 2024 Review of the Online Brand Protection Market. As a seasoned professional, he offers an authoritative perspective on Brand Protection, AI, and market trends. Abrahams highlights the struggle of legacy vendors to innovate and offer true innovative non-manual solutions, suggesting the market is ripe for disruption, especially for those that can utilize AI. He commends Tracer for its groundbreaking AI technology and notes the platform’s advantages like speed, accuracy, and cost reduction.

Key Takeaways

  • Legacy brand protection vendors in the space are fumbling and are a long way from delivering anything genuinely new to the sector. Abrahams states his belief that “… a reasonably high proportion of customers are less than delighted with the solution they are using today, and I think we have a market that is primed for disruption.”
  • Abrahams also states, “In spite of several of them adding ‘AI’ to the descriptor of their platform and broad claims of ‘machine-learning’ and ‘computer vision’ in their technology base, most providers still use considerable amounts of human capital to sift through huge volumes of suspected infringements …”
  • Abrahams praises Tracer’s AI technology, leadership, and innovation, and writes, “…this is the first example I have found of a global online brand protection solution finding and filtering items across the breadth of their coverage in a truly automated fashion” and “The benefits are many with speed, accuracy, scalability, and cost reduction at the top of the list, but this also frees experienced brand protection experts to focus on the tougher tasks …” and “Results with the new SaaS platform are outstanding with a 97% accuracy achieved in eliminating enforceable items and dramatically reducing the analyst effort in the process.”

About Tracer

Tracer is revolutionizing the brand protection industry with its advanced AI-powered platform setting new standards in detecting, reviewing, and removing brand abuse with unmatched accuracy, speed, and scale. By integrating over a decade worth of band data, dynamically tuned AI, with the deep expertise of industry professionals, Tracer has become the chosen solution provider of some of the world’s leading brands, helping to preserve their intellectual property and brand integrity to amplify customer trust, loyalty, and satisfaction. Tracer offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to address a wide array of brand abuses, such as cybersquatting, fraud, phishing, impersonation, counterfeiting, and more, ensuring intellectual property and business interests are protected across the digital universe.

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