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We are revolutionizing the brand protection industry with our new outcome-driven pricing program and our advanced AI platform, setting new benchmarks in detecting, reviewing, and removing brand abuse with unmatched accuracy, speed, and scale.
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Find potential brand abuses with the highest level of accuracy and instantly eliminate 80%-90% of irrelevant detections

Review detections in seconds vs. the hours and days it takes when when done manually

To date, there has been over 177.5M detections, 3.7M enforcements, and 1.5B images scanned using our AI platform



Maximize the impact of your brand protection budget
  • All-inclusive pricing means you don’t pay extra for our comprehensive AI technologies, graph correlation engine, portal, reporting, Customer Support Manager, and tech support.

View our infographic and see how our outcome-driven program compares to traditional effort-driven programs

Rapid AI-Driven Reviews

Human-in-the-Loop AI – the most efficient way to do brand protection
  • Quickly and accurately examines thousands of detections

  • Enjoy faster takedowns, and increased ROI for your Brand Protection program investment

  • Human-in-the-Loop AI model is trained daily with human review feedback loops, constantly improving our accuracy

View our infographic to understand how our Human-in-the-loop AI can benefit you

Tracer Centers of Excellence

Where Expertise Meets Know-How
  • Benefit from our deep and focused subject matter knowledge and expertise in: Marketplaces, Social Media, Domains & Websites, Paid Ads, Mobile Apps, Enforcements, Online Platforms, and more

  • Gain an understanding of emerging trends, solutions, and best practices

View the eGuide recently published by our Centers of Excellence team as an example of strategic guidance and practical solutions we provide to brands

Network Correlation

The most effective approach to detecting entire networks of abuse
  • Find and take down entire abuse networks set up by bad actors

  • Discover larger groupings of correlated activities to scale take-down and removal efforts

  • Benefit from over 53+ unique source identifiers as fingerprints to find the most sophisticated bad actors

View our infographic to learn how Tracer Graph works

Easy Migration and Onboarding

Our streamlined processes makes switching a breeze

  • Benefit from our streamlined service that retrieves your trademarks and patents for from major databases which include the USPTO, EUIPO, CIPO, and WIPO without any effort on your part

  • Collaborate with specialized onboarding teams dedicated to ensuring that value is delivered within the first 10 business days.

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"The Benefits are many with speed, accuracy, scalability, and cost reduction at the top of the list."
Charlie Abrahams
Brand Protection Expert & Advisor, Charlie Abrahams Consulting
Tracer Recognized as an Innovating Challenger

We are proud to have Tracer listed as a top innovator and challenger in the 2024 review of the Global Online Brand Protection Market by the esteemed Charlie Abrahams. Since joining this industry 2 years ago, we have embarked on a transformation of not just our business model but of the entire industry. We are working hard to reinvent this category with the use of AI, customer 1st service and our outcome-based pricing model. We are not just talking about it either. We are delivering incredible outcomes to some of the most well-respected brands on the planet. Thank you to all of you as our Partners and Customers and for the continued support and belief of our AI for Good vision of the future.

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