"We aim to provide solutions that help IP professionals be more efficient and effective at bringing meaningful innovations into the world, and Tracer has been a valued partner for LexisNexis, enabling us to protect those innovators from systemic brand abuse."
— Andrew Matuch, President of LexisNexis Reed Tech and Intellectual Property Solutions

Partnerships Matter in the fight against Online Fraud and Brand Protection

Brand misuse is the gateway to on-line fraud, resulting in lost revenue and diminished customer trust. Sophisticated bad actors use multiple vectors and complex schemes to trick unsuspecting consumers into engaging with their fake digital properties.
The Tracer® Platform mitigates digital brand misuse to preserve authentic customer interactions and uncovers new categories of dynamic market insights to fuel better business decisions. Applying advanced Human-in-the-Loop AI approaches to continuously analyze data across thousands of global Web2 and Web3 digital sources, the Tracer Platform yields the industry’s fastest infringement detection rates with market-leading accuracy and faster time to enforcement.
Tracer partners with the world’s leading law firms, systems integrators, agencies and global technology providers to provide the most comprehensive solutions to our customers in the Brand Success market.
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LexisNexis: LexisNexis Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of legal, regulatory, business information and analytics has partnered with Tracer to bring next generation brand protection solutions to global customers with a focus on Europe and the Middle East. The unique alliance combines the strong global presence of LexisNexis® with the best in class, Human-in-the-Loop AI solutions from Tracer, to automate detecting, analyzing and removing malicious online brand impersonators. 

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Vorys eControl provides effective, efficient and legally compliant solutions that allow companies to protect and grow their brand value through comprehensive online sales control solutions. Vorys eControl360 Solutions Platform, their Global Brand Protection Solution, is powered by Tracer.Ai technology. This fantastic partnership aligns best in class brand protection SaaS with a legal industry leader to identify and combat online brand abuse. 
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