Domains WHOIS
Pie chart of 2023 year to date compliance overall

ICANN 77: WHOIS Update

The ICANN 77 meeting in Washington, D.C. is upon us, and WHOIS data access issues continue to be of significant concern for businesses and other stakeholders. According to our most recent report, Tracer has submitted 1597 WHOIS requests during the time period January-April 2023. Of those 1597 requests, 549 were compliant (34%), 424 did not […]

Domains WHOIS
Pie chart of 2022 overall compliance

ICANN 76: WHOIS Update

  2022 WHOIS Disclosure Status Quo As we look back at 2022, we have found that WHOIS data access issues have certainly improved. Tracer has aggregated the 2022 statistics of the WHOIS Requestor System, which are set forth below. These requests were sent on behalf of brand holders citing intellectual property violations.  According to the […]