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Brand Protection Leader Appdetex Rebrands to Tracer and Announces Next-generation Tracer Platform to Accelerate Enterprise Brand Success

Tracer Uses Human-in-the-Loop AI to Trace, Analyze and Mitigate Brand Risks and Combat Rampant Brand-related Fraud Across Web2 and Web3

BOISE, Idaho – Nov. 15, 2022 – Appdetex today announced the company’s rebrand to Tracer and launched the next generation of its flagship Tracer Platform™. The first-of-its-kind SaaS platform leverages human-in-the-loop (HITL) AI and machine learning (ML) to continuously trace, analyze and mitigate brand misuse across global Web2 and Web3 channels. Built on more than a decade of real-world brand protection experience, the Tracer Platform enables businesses to significantly decrease the mean time to detect (MTTD) and enforce (MTTE) instances of brand misuse. Four of the world’s five most valued brands rely on Tracer to process and analyze massive volumes of data across digital channels to prevent brand misuse, uncover market insights and accelerate brand success. 

“In an environment of increasingly sophisticated brand threats and online fraud, businesses need automated solutions to stay ahead. Our Human-in-the-Loop AI™ platform enables businesses to dig deeper, to see the previously unseen and to control the use of their brands online. This is critical to preserving brand authenticity and deepening customer loyalty in the digital universe, where we engage more than ever before,” said Rick Farnell, CEO of Tracer. “Our company has a proud history as a pioneer and relentless innovator in online brand protection. The new Tracer brand and our next-generation Tracer Platform align our spirit of innovation to the future. They put us squarely on the path to serving the broadest set of customers and use cases for brand success.”

The Tracer Platform is powered by TracerAI, a set of advanced AI capabilities that incorporate the latest deep learning, machine vision, natural language processing (NLP), data harvesting and graph technologies to accelerate the discovery and classification of brand infringements. This significantly reduces the time between detection and enforcement, prioritizing the highest-risk infringements first. The platform continuously captures and filters data globally from thousands of Web2 and Web3 digital sources, including online marketplaces, NFT marketplaces, social media channels, mobile app stores, domains, websites, online advertising, paid search channels and more.

“At Mojang, IP protection is a vital step in safeguarding our brand and our players from illegitimate experiences, as well as preventing the misuse of Minecraft assets,” said Gaylon Blank, Director of IP Enforcement at Mojang, the video game studio best known for developing Minecraft. “The team at Tracer is a critical part of keeping our players and partners safe and protected.”

Andrew Matuch, President of LexisNexis Reed Tech and Intellectual Property Solutions, said, “We aim to provide solutions that help IP professionals be more efficient and effective at bringing meaningful innovations into the world, and Tracer has been a valued partner for LexisNexis, enabling us to protect those innovators from systemic brand abuse.” 

Businesses Turn to AI to Realize Brand Protection at Scale in Evolving Digital Landscape

Brands today face an increasing volume of highly sophisticated digital threats across both traditional Web2 channels and emerging Web3 channels. As a result, the stakes have never been higher for businesses to identify and mitigate risks as quickly as possible. 

By incorporating human judgment at key decision points, Tracer AI’s Human-in-the-Loop™ approach enables continuous improvement to the platform’s AI and machine learning models and algorithms to continually deliver the most precise and accurate detections, analysis and actions at scale. 

Jason Weintraub, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel at Jacuzzi Group Worldwide, said, “We engaged with Tracer a little over a year ago and the results have surpassed our expectations.” 

Danise Lopes, IP Director at Jacuzzi Group Worldwide, added, “The Tracer team is extremely proficient and accessible – resulting in a substantially increased rate of success in detections and enforcements. Their team is dedicated, a true joy to engage with, and it shows in the results.”

Tracer Expands Investments in Engineering and Data Science to Enhance the Tracer Platform

Tracer’s latest investments in product engineering and data science have resulted in significant advancements across all core functionality of the next-generation Tracer Platform, including Tracer Protect, the market-leading product for online brand protection. Tracer Protect automates the detection of infringing content, the classification and scoring of infringements, the correlation of bad actor networks, and the enforcement of customer directives. 

Tracer Protect enables users to quickly define and customize detection criteria including brand names, search terms, trademarks and copyrighted content. Additionally, Tracer Protect enables users to create enforcement rules that can be automated for greater scalability, along with the ability to capture and timestamp infringing activity for case management and litigation. 

Tracer Protect supports a wide variety of use cases such as:

  • Web3 and NFT fraud
  • Mobile app fraud
  • Digital product support scams and unauthorized credential sharing
  • Credential theft via social engineering
  • Counterfeit product listings
  • Gray market and partner/channel compliance
  • Impersonation and job scams

“Brand protection is an integral part of our success,” said Caroline Kinsey, General Counsel at Ontel Products Corporation, “and Tracer has been invaluable to us for five years. Tracer consistently helps Ontel maintain top 10 selling spots on, in addition to obtaining various ‘Buy Box’ purchase options on ecommerce platforms. Through our work with Tracer and its experts, Ontel has not only been able to find, but also mitigate, a significant volume of brand misuse, which has prevented brand dilution and ensures our customers are interacting with authentic Ontel products. We strongly recommend Tracer to any customer looking to gain an integral partner in its brand protection efforts.”

Tracer’s CEO Farnell concluded, “Maintaining and growing brand trust requires consistent, reliable brand protection in the face of increasing risks. Successful brands are the favored targets for bad actors who divert unsuspecting consumers to fraudulent and misleading digital properties. Tracer’s vision is to make the evolving digital universe a trusted place for brands and consumers, enabling businesses to maintain the brand success they deserve.”

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Tracer accelerates Brand Success for the world’s most-loved brands, including four of the top five most valuable global businesses. In today’s landscape of highly sophisticated digital threats and hyper-competition, the stakes have never been higher for businesses to identify risks and opportunities across the evolving digital universe. The Tracer Platform mitigates digital brand misuse to preserve authentic customer interactions and uncovers new categories of dynamic market insights to fuel better business decisions. TracerAI™ technology continuously captures and filters data from thousands of global Web2 and Web3 digital sources, including domains and websites, marketplaces, social media, mobile apps and app stores, search engines, NFT marketplaces, metaverse environments, Web3 domains and more. TracerAI applies a suite of advanced, Human-in-the-Loop AI™ and machine learning approaches to analyze and correlate instances of brand use and misuse across this digital landscape. This allows businesses to “see the unseen” and control the use of their brand online, improving brand integrity to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. The platform’s market-leading Tracer Protect product for online brand protection provides real-time monitoring and analysis of IP and copyright infringement, fraud, brand impersonation, digital and digital-plus-physical counterfeiting and other forms of brand misuse. This enables businesses to prevent brand misuse before it has a chance to damage their brands. For the highest level of security for valuable domains, Tracer Registrar provides enterprise-grade corporate domain registration and management so businesses can protect their brand for the long-term from the start. Built on more than a decade of real-world brand protection experience, the Tracer Platform yields rapid infringement detection with market-leading accuracy, leading to vastly faster time to detection and enforcement. 

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