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The Rise of Social Commerce & How to Protect Your Brand

In recent years, social commerce has emerged as a new way for businesses to connect with customers and drive sales. Social commerce refers to the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to sell products or services directly to consumers. Although, while it has the potential to reach a new audience for many businesses, it also presents new threats to brands.

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Brand Threats in the Age of Social Commerce


With the rise of fake social media accounts and social media imposter accounts, it has become increasingly difficult for brands to maintain control over their online presence. These fake accounts utilize social commerce to deceive consumers, damage a brand’s reputation, and steal sales by directing customers to counterfeit products.

Fake reviews can be a significant problem as well for online consumers, who rely heavily on online reviews to make informed purchasing decisions. However, scammers often take advantage of this reliance by posting fake reviews that exaggerate the quality and effectiveness of their products or services.

Consumers are directed to fake social commerce accounts, are “informed” by planted reviews, and sold a counterfeit product…all without leaving the app. Sometimes these counterfeits are products infringing on patents and sold under a different brand name, while others are a straight copy/paste of your logo and product identity.

The goal of these bad actors can range from obtaining user credentials with false promises of a product that will never arrive, to actually manufacturing an infringed version of your product. 

To combat these threats, businesses must take steps to protect their brand on social media. This includes protecting their intellectual property, such as trademarks and domain names, through legal means. It also involves monitoring social media platforms for fake accounts and taking action to have them removed.

Top 5 Steps of Social Media Brand Protection

Social media brand protection

1. Register and protect your trademarks

The first step in protecting your brand on social media is to ensure that your trademarks are registered and up to date. This includes not only your company name and logo but also any product or service names associated with your brand. By registering your trademarks, you can legally enforce your rights and prevent others from using your brand name or logo without permission.

2. Monitor social media for counterfeit activity

Social media platforms offer a wealth of information about customer behavior, and monitoring these channels can help businesses identify counterfeiters and take swift action to remove infringing content. Brands can use automated tools to monitor social media for trademark infringement, counterfeit activity, and other forms of brand abuse.


3. Take swift action against infringing content

When you identify infringing content on social media, it is important to take swift action to have it removed. Most social media platforms have a process for reporting trademark infringement, and businesses should take advantage of these tools to have infringing content removed as quickly as possible.

4. Educate your customers

Educating your customers about the risks of counterfeit products can help build trust and loyalty with your brand. Consider including information about how to spot fake products and how to report counterfeit activity in your social media posts and customer communications.

5. Use anti-counterfeiting technologies

New technologies, such as Tracer’s Human-in-the-Loop AI™ brand protection solution, can help businesses protect their brand on social media by using machine learning algorithms to identify counterfeit activity and take swift action to remove infringing content. Tracer can also help businesses track the distribution of their products across different social media platforms and identify the source of any counterfeit activity.

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Social Media Brand Protection Solutions

Tracer Brand Protection Platform

One effective tool for achieving social media brand protection is through automated technology that constantly monitors your accounts on platforms like Tracer. 

Tracer is a software platform that uses advanced technology to detect and remove fake social media accounts and counterfeit products. It works by analyzing social media data to identify patterns and anomalies that suggest the presence of fraudulent activity. Tracer can then take action to remove the offending content, protecting the brand’s reputation and preventing further harm.

Tracer Protect

Tracer Protect, powered by TracerAI and the Tracer Platform, offers a comprehensive solution for detecting and addressing brand infringement issues across the digital universe. With the help of brand analysts and data scientists, TracerAI can be continuously tuned to provide efficient and accurate recommendations based on your unique business and brand directives.

By automating the detection of infringing content, Tracer Protect supports dozens of solutions, delivering the most efficient classification and scoring of infringements, rapid visual correlation of bad actor networks, and the most accurate enforcement of customer’s directives in the industry.

Social commerce has brought new opportunities for businesses to connect with customers and drive sales, but it also presents new threats and a greater need for social media brand protection. By using tools such as Tracer and following these best practices, businesses can protect their brand and succeed in the world of social commerce.

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