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Achieving Precision and Speed in Brand Protection with Tracer’s Human-in-the-Loop AI™

By Jacob Mason, Product Marketing In today’s digital universe, protecting your brand against the growing number of online infringements is more challenging and crucial than ever. At Tracer, we understand that balancing speed and accuracy is critical to addressing the complexities and challenges businesses face in maintaining their brand’s integrity. That’s why we’ve integrated cutting-edge […]

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Pay-per-Result: A Smarter Approach to Brand Protection

Are you maximizing your brand protection budget? If your current brand protection solution is hours-based, then you’re not. Traditional, hours-based brand protection solutions mean you are paying for inefficiencies and outcomes that are often unclear and inconsistent. At Tracer, we are the only brand protection solution provider to offer outcome-driven brand protection, ensuring you only […]

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Unveiling Hidden Brand Abuse: How Tracer Graph & Correlation is Advancing Online Brand Protection

By Mike Monzon, SVP of Marketing In the ever-evolving digital landscape, brands face constant brand abuse from bad actors orchestrating intricate abuse networks related to impersonation, fake ads, and many other forms of online fraud. Traditional methods of identifying and mitigating online brand abuse often fall short due to the sophisticated tactics employed by malicious […]

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Sun World Partners with Tracer to Protect AUTUMNCRISP® Brand

Sun World, a prominent fruit genetics and licensing company, embarked on a strategic partnership with Tracer to safeguard its AUTUMNCRISP® brand. Recognizing the significant resources invested in marketing this trademark, Sun World aimed to ensure its protection across various digital platforms. Tracer’s role and technology in this partnership have been pivotal, focusing on monitoring the […]

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Navigating Global IP Challenges and Transformation

By Connor Griffith, Sr. Manager – Enforcements Today, businesses are increasingly expanding beyond national boundaries, making the safeguarding of a brand’s intellectual property rights a worldwide pursuit. Cross-border disputes and jurisdictional challenges are more common, prompting innovative approaches for effective IP management and enforcement. The rise of global agreements and treaties like the Hague Agreement […]

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Precision in Brand Protection: The Value of Strategic Focus

By Colby Hall, Director of Tracer Experience – Tracer Centers of Excellence In today’s dynamic market, brand protection is crucial not just as adefensive measure, but as a strategic tool to maintain market dominanceand customer trust. However, a prevalent misconception persists thatemulating large-scale operations means covering every possible threat —which isn’t always the most efficient […]

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Brand Authenticity: Why Brands Need Verified Social Media Profiles

By Kara Holland, Social Media Lead – Tracer’s Centers of Excellence In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of social media, safeguarding your brand’s integrity and reputation is essential. With the rise of online brand abuse, businesses face growing challenges like social media impersonation, employee impersonation, and executive impersonation, maintaining a strong and secure online presence […]

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Charlie Abrahams Brand Protection Review 2024

The Future of Brand Protection is Here

2024 Review of the Online Brand Protection Market Summary Charlie Abrahams, a respected brand protection expert, released his 2024 Review of the Online Brand Protection Market. As a seasoned professional, he offers an authoritative perspective on Brand Protection, AI, and market trends. Abrahams highlights the struggle of legacy vendors to innovate and offer true innovative […]

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Black Friday Beware! What You Need To Know About Spending, Shopping and Scams As We Head Into Peak Customer Loyalty Season for Brands

Brands spend months planning their marketing strategy for the winter holiday season. As many marketing teams know, capitalizing on the surge of holiday shopping, especially online, can be highly competitive no matter your industry. Unfortunately, you’re also competing against scammers and counterfeiters, who ramp up their fraudulent efforts during the holidays. As consumer spending reaches […]

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Secure Our World: The Importance of Cybersecurity 

Introduction to Cybersecurity Awareness Month Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of online security and promoting best practices for protecting your digital brand. In a world where we depend more on technology and the internet than ever before, the need for cybersecurity has become paramount. This blog […]