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Sun World Partners with Tracer to Protect AUTUMNCRISP® Brand

Sun World, a prominent fruit genetics and licensing company, embarked on a strategic partnership with Tracer to safeguard its AUTUMNCRISP® brand. Recognizing the significant resources invested in marketing this trademark, Sun World aimed to ensure its protection across various digital platforms. Tracer’s role and technology in this partnership have been pivotal, focusing on monitoring the use of the AUTUMNCRISP® trademark on websites and social media to prevent unauthorized use and correct improper representations.

Achievements in the First Year

The first year of this collaboration has yielded impressive results. Tracer has successfully assisted Sun World in removing 80% of identified instances of unauthorized use of the AUTUMNCRISP® trademark. Additionally, Tracer has corrected over 200 cases of incorrect trademark usage.

Addressing Fraudulent Activity on Douyin

One notable accomplishment this year was Tracer’s assistance in tackling fraudulent activity on Douyin, TikTok’s Chinese operation. Sun World was alerted to a fraudulent TikTok page impersonating the company and offering fake Sun World varieties. Upon receiving the report, Tracer’s team swiftly worked with TikTok, resulting in the immediate takedown of the infringing account. This action underscores the effectiveness of Tracer’s rapid response capabilities in protecting Sun World’s brand integrity on a global scale.

About Sun World International

Sun World International, based in California, operates with a global presence, specializing in fruit genetics and licensing. Their innovative approach and commitment to quality have established them as a leader in the industry. For more details about the TikTok takedown and Sun World’s proactive measures against fraudulent activities, read the full article here.


The partnership between Sun World and Tracer exemplifies the importance of robust brand protection strategies in today’s digital age. By leveraging Tracer’s technology and expertise, Sun World has effectively safeguarded its AUTUMNCRISP® trademark, ensuring continued trust and recognition among consumers. 


Tracer Team