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Unveiling Hidden Brand Abuse: How Tracer Graph & Correlation is Advancing Online Brand Protection

By Mike Monzon, SVP of Marketing

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, brands face constant brand abuse from bad actors orchestrating intricate abuse networks related to impersonation, fake ads, and many other forms of online fraud. Traditional methods of identifying and mitigating online brand abuse often fall short due to the sophisticated tactics employed by malicious entities. Tracer Graph is a groundbreaking correlation tool designed to uncover and dismantle elusive, unmapped brand abuse networks with accuracy and efficiency.

The Challenge: Sophisticated Brand Abuse Networks

Brand abuse is a pervasive and systemic issue that goes beyond isolated incidents. In fact, one in every three enforcement actions is linked to a broader network of brand abuse. These networks are meticulously crafted, often spanning multiple digital channels and utilizing various tactics to avoid detection. Traditional enforcement methods struggle to keep pace with the dynamic and stealthy nature of these networks, leaving brands vulnerable to ongoing attacks.

The Solution: Correlating Abuse Signals with Tracer Graph

Correlating brand abuse signals through Tracer Graph addresses this challenge head-on by leveraging advanced digital tracing and sophisticated correlation algorithms. This tool utilizes over 50 source identifiers — which act as digital fingerprints that are often invisible to the human eye — including payment processor IDs, web analytics tags, and more. By connecting these identifiers across different digital channels, Tracer Graph can uncover even more IP infringement and map out the full scope of a bad actor’s illicit campaign.

How It Works

Advanced Digital Tracing: Tracer Graph begins by identifying unique source identifiers associated with brand abuse activities, meticulously tracing them across various digital platforms, and creating a comprehensive map of the abuse network. This process includes tracking unauthorized sellers, detecting brand impersonation on social media, identifying cybersquatting, and more.

Sophisticated Correlation Algorithms: Using cutting-edge algorithms, Tracer Graph correlates the traced identifiers, uncovering hidden connections and relationships between different entities within the network. This process not only reveals the structure of the abuse network but also highlights key nodes that can be targeted for enforcement actions.

Actionable Insights: The insights generated by Tracer Graph are actionable and precise. Brands can swiftly initiate removal requests for entire band abuse networks instead of single isolated instances of brand abuse. This approach significantly reduces the impact of brand abuse on the customer experience and brand reputation, thereby maintaining brand integrity.

The Impact

Tracer Graph delivers brand owners an upper hand when it comes to brand protection. By uncovering the full scope of abuse networks, it allows brands to uncover and dismantle the entirety of a brand abuser’s illicit online campaigns. This comprehensive approach not only enhances the effectiveness of enforcement actions, but also acts as a deterrent for future abuse attempts.


In a world where digital threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, correlation tools like Tracer Graph are essential for maintaining brand integrity and trust. By leveraging advanced tracing and correlation techniques, Tracer Graph empowers brands to stay one step ahead of bad actors, ensuring a safer and more secure digital landscape for everyone. This includes social media impersonation, fake websites, and more. Stay connected with Tracer to learn more about how we can help protect your brand from digital threats. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter and receive updates on fraud trends, insightful blog posts, and the latest developments in brand protection technology.


Tracer Team