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Pay-per-Result: A Smarter Approach to Brand Protection

Are you maximizing your brand protection budget? If your current brand protection solution is hours-based, then you’re not. Traditional, hours-based brand protection solutions mean you are paying for inefficiencies and outcomes that are often unclear and inconsistent. At Tracer, we are the only brand protection solution provider to offer outcome-driven brand protection, ensuring you only pay for relevant results. This pricing model, coupled with our advanced AI technology, enables you to detect and address brand abuse with greater accuracy, depth, and speed, covering more brands, digital channels, and online platforms with the best results. It’s simply a smarter, more efficient way to protect your brand.

Our innovative pricing model has been recognized by industry expert Charlie Abrahams in his recent blog post, “What’s Next for Online Brand Protection – Key Trends for the Next Two Years.” Abrahams explores the dynamic landscape of brand protection and the role companies like Tracer play in shaping its future. Abrahams identifies several critical trends that will impact the online brand protection sector over the next few years. From the proliferation of AI in combating online infringements to the evolving vendor landscape, his analysis provides valuable insights for brand owners. As Abrahams notes, traditional pricing models in the Online Brand Protection (OBP) space are ripe for evolution to be more transparent, and Tracer’s pricing model is just that. Tracer’s new consumption pricing model allows clients to pay an annual fee based on the volume of infringements detected and removed. This approach ensures that brand owners pay for real impact and results versus mere effort.

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About Tracer

Tracer is revolutionizing the brand protection industry with its advanced AI platform, setting new benchmarks in detecting, reviewing, and removing brand abuse with unmatched accuracy, speed, and scale. By leveraging over a decade’s worth of brand data with dynamically tuned Human-in-the-Loop AI and deep expertise of industry professionals, Tracer has become the chosen solution provider for some of the world’s most valuable brands.


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