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Achieving Precision and Speed in Brand Protection with Tracer’s Human-in-the-Loop AI™

By Jacob Mason, Product Marketing

In today’s digital universe, protecting your brand against the growing number of online infringements is more challenging and crucial than ever. At Tracer, we understand that balancing speed and accuracy is critical to addressing the complexities and challenges businesses face in maintaining their brand’s integrity. That’s why we’ve integrated cutting-edge Human-in-the-Loop AI into our brand protection solutions, delivering unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s how Tracer can transform your brand protection strategy and help your business thrive.

85% Faster Takedowns: Revolutionizing Infringement Response

One of the most critical aspects of brand protection is the speed at which infringements can be identified and addressed. With Tracer’s HITL AI, we’ve slashed the takedown time from an industry average of 60 days to just 9 days. This remarkable 85% reduction in time ensures that your brand’s reputation is safeguarded swiftly, minimizing the impact of brand abuse and IP infringement.

100% More Reviews Month-Over-Month

Our HITL AI doesn’t just work faster; it works smarter. By seamlessly integrating human expertise with artificial intelligence, Tracer has enabled a 100% increase in the number of reviews we can handle month-over-month. This means more thorough and comprehensive brand monitoring of potential infringements, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Six Times Faster Review Time

Speed is of the essence in the digital age, and Tracer’s HITL AI makes sure you stay ahead. Our brand protection software delivers review times that are six times faster than traditional methods. This rapid response capability is crucial for maintaining brand integrity and ensuring that any potential threats associated with brand confusion and product diversion are neutralized before they can escalate into more significant issues 

44% More Takedowns Month-Over-Month

A proactive approach to brand protection means not only identifying but also taking down infringements efficiently. With a 44% increase in takedowns month-over-month, Tracer ensures that your brand’s presence is clean and trustworthy, allowing you to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Why Choose Tracer?

At Tracer, we believe that protecting your brand is not just about technology; it’s about combining the best of human insight and verification with the power of AI. Our Human-in-the-Loop AI provides the perfect balance, ensuring that your brand is not only protected quickly but also accurately.

By partnering with Tracer, you’re choosing a brand protection company that is:

  • Efficient: Drastically reduce the time it takes to handle infringements.
  • Comprehensive: Double your review capacity and achieve higher compliance rates across all channels.
  • Proactive: Increase the number of takedowns and maintain a strong, protected brand presence.

Our Brand Protection Services Solve Problems Like

  • IP Infringement: Protect against IP abuse and counterfeit products.
  • Executive Impersonation and Employee Impersonation: Safeguard your team against online impersonation threats.
  • Brand Abuse: Address unauthorized use of your brand across various platforms.
  • Brand Confusion: Prevent misleading representations that can harm your brand’s reputation.
  • Product Diversion: Monitor and combat unauthorized distribution of your products.
  • Online Marketplace Brand Protection: Tackle issues like unauthorized sellers and replica products.
  • Social Media Brand Protection: Combat social media impersonation and scam ads.
  • Online Brand Protection Software: Utilize our advanced intellectual property management software for robust protection.

Don’t let online infringements damage your brand’s reputation. Experience the power of Human-in-the-Loop AI with and take your brand protection to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help safeguard your business in the digital world.

View this infographic to see how Tracer’s Human-in-the-Loop AI  streamlines the impact and performance related to removing online brand abuse.

Tracer – Your partner in proactive, efficient, and comprehensive brand protection, combining the best of brand protection AI and HITL technology for unrivaled brand resilience.


Tracer Team