Brand Protection
online brand protection

The Essential Role of Brand Protection in Your Business

Intellectual property infringement and brand abuse are constant challenges for businesses and brands.  Effective brand protection strategies help companies defend their brand’s reputation, customers, and revenue by preventing brand abuse. What is Brand Protection? Brand protection is the process of defending a brand’s intellectual property against abuse and infringement, such as counterfeiting, copyright piracy, patent […]

Brand Protection
online brand protection

How Image Recognition is Changing Brand Protection

Today, our lives are surrounded by images. Our digital world is made up of trillions of images — searching, browsing, shopping – making brand protection that much harder. Enter image recognition. A subcategory of computer vision, image recognition software identifies and categorizes image data to detect regularities. This detection is fueled by AI algorithms that […]

Brand Protection Social Media
Social media brand protection

How to Protect Your Brand on Social Media & the Digital Privacy of Your Customers

Social media is widely used by more than 4.62 billion people worldwide, making it a popular channel for businesses to interact with their customers. In fact, businesses are investing more than ever in social media. Due to its ever growing popularity, bad actors use these platforms, creating fake social media accounts to impersonate your digital […]

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